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Like many people, I came to yoga while dealing with a health issue and looking to feel better. Functional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, and acupuncture were very helpful, but when I tried my first Svaroopa® Yoga class in 2007, everything changed. I didn’t recognize the change at first, but in my third class, something inside said “this is what I’ve been looking for!” It wasn’t a thought, it was a feeling, and I knew I had to keep going with it. Svaroopa® Yoga was the missing piece that put me on a path of healing in body, mind, and spirit. Gradually my dependence on the other modalities fell away and my health crisis resolved, opening me up to progressively deeper levels of healing and personal growth in ways I could never have imagined.  I know that I did not find this practice by accident. I think it found me, and I am so grateful. I was ready for the path of healing, self-discovery, and deep personal growth that it provides.

I started teacher training in 2011 in order to have a better understanding of the practice for myself but soon found I needed to share it with others. I now have about 1,500 hours of professional yoga teacher training through the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram, including asana practice, pranayama coaching, and yoga therapy. 


Meet Kris


Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Therapist

Breathwork Coach

 Vichara Therapist


As a healthcare provider for over 20 years, and practitioner of Svaroopa® Yoga for more than 12, I see that as wonderful as western medicine is, many times we need more than what it can offer. We need deep healing, on all levels. We need to connect to our own Self and our innate capacity for healing and growth. I am passionate about assisting people on this journey and have many tools to help you. I teach group classes and workshops, but my favorite things to focus on are yoga therapy, vichara therapy and Pranayama coaching, as these are the most effective avenues for deep change, inside and out. 


I love watching what this practice does for people. If you are ready for your own journey into healing and growth, whatever that means for you, l would love to share this amazing practice with you! So much more than just “feeling better,” Svaroopa® Yoga is a journey inward, to your own true Self, and there are so many ways to experience it.

~Namaste, Kris

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