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Soften, Release, Let Go...


Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy uses the principles of spinal (core) release with specialized poses and adjustments for the goal of profound physical, mental and emotional improvement. 

Whether you are seeking improvement in a particular issue, looking for overall health benefits, or deeper connection to your own Self, Svaroopa®Yoga therapy sessions will move you from a state of compression and contraction toward a state of openness and expansion. During a session you may be in only a few different poses, carefully aligned and tailored to your needs, with your body fully supported on blankets and props. During each pose you are given time in silence, to help you settle in deeply and release tension through a specific area of your body. Gentle self inquiry is incorporated to help you connect your body and mind.

Details:  Private yoga therapy sessions are up to 50 minutes, but may be less depending on the needs of the client. Offered in person in your own home within 15 miles of Maynard, MA  (women only). Yoga therapy is best done in person, but may be modified for online therapeutic sessions. You will need to purchase your own props.


Embodyment® therapy is Svaroopa® Yoga’s hands-on healing modality. It is a powerful way to receive spinal release with hardly any effort! Embodyment® brings you back into your body and allows you to settle deeply inward to access your own capacity for healing.

​During your session, you rest in a well-supported Shavasana while I hold my hands on key areas of your spine. You settle in and relax while your spinal muscles gently soften and let go of deeply held tensions. Embodyment® is profoundly healing, in body, mind and spirit, and everyone can benefit.

Details:  Embodyment® therapy is a private sessions, and up to 50 minutes, but may be less depending on the needs of the client. These sessions can only be done in person, as it is a hands on therapy. Offered in person in your own home within 15 miles of Maynard, MA (women only). You will need to purchase your own props. 


What is it that keeps you in repetitive loops of unhelpful behaviors, thoughts, and relationships, from knowing joy? The answer is simple. It’s your mind! Your mind is very powerful and capable of amazing things, but it also keeps you stuck, contracted and small. Your mind affects your body, your decision making, your relationships (even the one you have with yourself) and the way you live your life. There are underlying tension patterns in your mind, most of which you aren’t even aware of, that keep you in a state of contraction. These tension patterns affect all areas of your life and hold you back from being your true, authentic Self.

The way out of the cycle of contraction is to work with your mind directly! Vichara is Svaroopa® Yoga’s process of guided self-inquiry that helps you uncover and look at these underlying mind tensions. With gentle, specific questions that let you explore the field of your mind, for those who are ready to do their inner work, Vichara is amazing at helping you to release the stuck stuff of your mind, the way yoga poses help you release the stuck stuff in your body. We call it “yoga for your mind.” 

Details: Vichara sessions are 55 minutes and are offered over the phone or zoom. No props are required.


Pranayama is yogic breathing. There are many types of pranayama, but not all are appropriate for everyone, and it is important to work with a trained coach. I specialize in teaching Ujjayi Pranayama, which is the safest for everyone. Ujjayi is so much more than just “breathing.” When you regularly practice Ujjayi, you tap into your own inner healing capacity. Your body knows how to heal itself, you just have to use the right tools! Ujjayi calms your nervous system, quiets your mind, improves all your body functions, and decreases pain.

Details: During these 50 minute sessions you will learn how to do Ujjayi, have time for questions, and have a full coached practice. Sessions are appropriate for beginners, as well as anyone looking to refine and deepen their existing practice. Offered in person in your home within 15 miles of Maynard, MA (women only), or online.  You will need to purchase your own props.

Practice Coaching:

Develop a home practice, refine/update an existing one, get ready to join a group class. In these sessions we will work on refining and better understanding your poses and what they are doing for you. Sessions will go at your own pace and be geared toward what you need. Great for anyone!

Details: Personal practice sessions are up to 50 minutes, but may be less depending on the needs of the client.  Offered in person in your own home within 15 miles of Maynard, MA (women only). You will need to purchase your own props. 

Intro/beginner series:
4-55 minute private sessions to learn the basics! Great place to start for beginners and is required prior to joining  group online classes. The Intro series is periodically offered as a 6 week 90 min group class, either online or in person. 

Offered in person in your home within 20 miles of Maynard, MA (women only), or over zoom.


Start class in Shavasana, yoga’s relaxation pose, while you are guided through a yoga nidra and breathing practice to settle  your body and quiet your mind. Move through a sequence of therapeutic and/or active poses designed around a particular theme that will release tension and decompress your spine, while protecting your joints.  End class with another deeply restful Shavasana and yoga nidra. Leave feeling longer, lighter, more grounded and more yourself.  

Details:  90-minute classes. Classes are offered on zoom and in person.  An Intro Series with successful mastery of the basic poses (either in private sessions or a group intro class) is required prior to joining online classes. In person classes are currently by invitation only.  You will need to purchase your own props  for online classes. 


Yoga Therapy
Pranayama Coaching
Personal Practice Coachin
Group Classes

Ready to start your journey? Book a consult call!

Rates and Packages

Private Sessions

online or in person

1 hour:


Introductory Session:  $70

for new clients 

includes movement and range of motion assessment,

  a short yoga therapy session, and/or

 simple pose instruction to get your home practice started.

Single Session: $95

Four or more sessions: $90/session*

*plus 2.9% if using a credit card

Overlap healing:

variable depending on length of program

packages start at $810*

Group Classes


 Weekly Online Class:

$23/class or

$20/class with prepayment for the whole month

Workshops and Specialty Classes:

variable rates, see individual workshop pages

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Overlap Healing

Overlap healing is a specialized yoga therapy protocol designed to give you rapid and powerful change in a short amount of time. Depending on the package you choose, an overlap series can be anywhere from 18 days to 2 months. Following an overlap series, weekly private sessions for at least 6 months is strongly recommended to maintain the changes you receive.  It is an intensive program for those looking to move through the “tough stuff” faster.

Due to the nature of this protocol, all sessions in an overlap series must be pre-scheduled and prepaid with a signed contract. 

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