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Have questions about Svaroopa® Yoga or yoga therapy? We have many of your answers right here!

  • Who can practice Svaroopa® Yoga?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can practice Svaroopa® Yoga. Teenagers as young as 15 may be allowed in class if a parent is also regularly practicing.
  • How would you describe the practice of Svaroopa® Yoga?
    Think of a tightly clenched fist. It takes a lot of energy to hold it clenched, and after a bit it starts to hurt, maybe your fingers turn bluish or whitish, then it becomes numb and you don’t feel it. There's not much space inside your fist, and you can’t really use your hand properly, if at all. After a while your fingers and hand joints become very stiff, and it's harder to move them. But if you start to unclench your fist, ease the pressure and the tension, it would hurt less, the normal color would return to your hand, you would have more feeling. There would be more space as you open your hand more, you could use your hand more normally, and the joints begin to move. Isn't it better to have that easy, open hand than a tightly clenched one? Imagine that clenching and tightness through your whole body instead of just your hand. We walk around all the time with this kind of tension in our bodies, to one degree or another, and we aren’t even aware of it! Svaroopa® Yoga works to release that tension, by decompressing your spine. When you lift and lengthen your spine, you also decompress muscles, joints, nerves, circulation and organs; everything works better when you take the pressure off!
  • What is yoga therapy beneficial for?
    Yoga therapy is highly beneficial for: problems with the spine, hips, knees & feet neck & shoulder problems migraines stress related health problems & anxiety digestive problems breathing difficulty pain, from any source and so much more!
  • If I start yoga therapy, how frequently and for how long do I have to do it?
    This is the most common question I get in yoga therapy. My answer is always “that depends on you! How good do you want to feel?” There are different recommendations depending on your needs, but in general, the more you do, the better you feel! Some people come for a few weeks and feel enough improvement in their condition that they decide not to continue. Other people realize that if they come regularly even after their condition is resolved, they continue to feel better and better with time. There is no limit to how much improvement you can get! Weekly yoga therapy is usually the best option, but sometimes people need to come more frequently. My practice is geared toward people who want to continue regular yoga therapy.
  • What props will I need for my class?
    You'll need the following props: Blankets: large heavy blankets are needed for Svaroopa® Yoga practice. This is the most important propping and essential to the practice. Minimum of 4 to start, but 6-10 are recommend for the most effective use. 2 or 4 four-inch yoga blocks--any brand or material is fine, but firmer is better. Chair: flat chair with no cushion, no arms and a straight back. Best option: folding metal chair with no horizontal bar between the front legs, if possible.
  • Do I have to have my own blankets?
    For home practice, online classes, and in home private sessions, yes. While there are ways to modify poses so you don’t need blankets, the most effective way to practice is with the proper amount of blankets. Support equals release; the blankets are meant to support your body in such a way that you can soften and release tension and let go of effort. If you come to an in-person class or yoga therapy session, blankets will be provided. If you're interested in purchasing blankets here are a few options: If you need just a few blankets to get started, click here. If you're interested in purchasing 10 or more blankets, click here.
  • I'm new to Svaroopa Yoga, how do I get started?
    Unless you are an experienced Svaroopa® Yoga student, please schedule a free 30 minute online consult session with me to discuss your needs. If you have experience with Svaroopa® Yoga you may join a class or schedule a private session. Please email me for class links or scheduler.
  • Do you offer in-person classes?
    Yes, but currently by invitation only. They are offered twice monthly in Maynard, MA.
  • How do I register for Group Classes?
    Please note that if you would like to join an online class, and are new to my classes, you'll need to schedule a free 30 minute online consult session with me to discuss your needs before you can attend a class.
  • What forms of payment does Joy and Grace Yoga accept?
    Venmo and credit card are accepted for all transactions. Personal checks are also accepted (and preferred) for in person sessions. You will receive venmo information or credit card invoice once we start working together.
  • Can I have sessions at my home?
    Yes! If you are a woman (or anyone with a direct referral from someone I know) within 15 miles of Maynard, MA, I will come to you. You will need to have enough blankets and props at your home and an adequate private space to work in. I can supply you with the information for you to purchase them. Home visits are charged at a higher rate.
  • Can I have sessions with my partner or friend?
    Yes! Semi-private sessions by request, in person or online. Contact me at to discuss your needs.
  • What about meditation?
    Meditation is an important aspect of a well-rounded yoga practice. If you are interested in learning a deep spiritual meditative practice, please let me know and I will refer you to a qualified Svaroopa Vidya® Meditation Teacher.
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