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Discover Your Own Self...
Standing with Arms Stretching out to Sky


Spinal decompression, and “support equals release” are two important tenets of Svaroopa® Yoga.  Meet your body where it is, in order to release the deepest tensions in your body- in the layers of muscles attached to your spine- starting at your tailbone and working upward toward your head. This practice relies on lots of propping and precise alignments customized to your body’s needs, as well as learning how to use your arms, legs, and abs to release your spine rather than tightening, all while protecting and stabilizing your joints and spine.  When you release your spinal muscles, you gradually remove layers of long-held physical and mental tensions, freeing you to be healthier, more open, resilient, grounded and alive.  Regardless of your experience, or fitness level, this physical and energetic “core release,” or “core opening” offers profound changes, on all levels of your being.   


In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, “sva” means the Self, and “roopa” means form. “Svaroopa” literally means the form of your own Self, but is also translated as the knowing of your own Self, your True Essence. This practice starts with your physical body, and by releasing the tension in your spine you not only feel better, but you progressively cultivate and develop awareness of the deeper layers of your being.


Releasing spinal tension opens up the energy pathways stored in your spine, giving you access to the connection with your own Essence-who you are at your core. All of the Svaroopa® Yoga practices are designed for you to find this inner connection.  


Svaroopa® Yoga is rooted in an ancient yogic system of the Himalayas that weaves together the ordinary and the divine. The practice was developed by Sadguru Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, using the teachings and principles of this ancient system to meet the needs of modern yogis. It is a profoundly healing and transformative practice, on all levels, yet it is something you can’t just learn about. You must experience it for yourself.

Who Should Practice Svaroopa® Yoga?

Your doctor or other health provider has recommended yoga for a specific medical condition

(especially anything orthopedic or stress related)

You have tried other modalities or practices but still need help with aspects of your health and healing

You believe the mind and body are deeply connected and are looking for a way to incorporate both, as well as personal growth and self-discovery, beyond just the physical

You are looking for a more individualized and personalized approach to yoga

Svaroopa® Yoga is not for everyone. Here at Joy & Grace Yoga, I work with people who are committed to their own body/mind/spirit health and looking for deeper connection to their own source.

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