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Special Considerations

Organ transplant recipients:

Anyone who has had an organ transplant and on immunosuppressant therapy may not participate in Svaroopa® Yoga in any way. The reason is because organ transplant recipients have medically induced lowered immune systems. Yoga can significantly improve immune system function, and in an organ transplant recipient, this could cause the body to reject the transplanted organ, despite immunosuppressant therapy.


Women in their first trimester of pregnancy may not start Svaroopa® Yoga but may start in the second or third trimester. If someone has already been practicing regularly for at least 6 months and then becomes pregnant, she may continue with Svaroopa® Yoga. The spinal release Svaroopa® Yoga offers is tremendously beneficial to both mom and baby. However, I am not prenatal certified, so I cannot offer modifications for pregnant clients. I can provide referrals to Svaroopa® Yoga teachers who are prenatal qualified.

Epilepsy or seizure disorders: 

Anyone with a history of seizure disorders will benefit from pranayama practices (as breathing settles and calms the nervous system), but may not participate in other aspects of the practice including poses, yoga therapy and meditation.

Mental health conditions:

Anyone with a history of a significant mental health condition must be under the regular care of a qualified mental health team in order to participate in any class or private session.

Recent surgery or
major illness:

If you have had recent surgery (within 3 months), you must complete your required physical therapy (if your surgery warrants it) and have clearance from your surgeon for regular activity before starting Svaroopa® Yoga. If you have had a recent major illness, you must have clearance from your doctor before starting Svaroopa® Yoga. If you are already practicing and become ill or require surgery, additional practice and private sessions may help you heal faster.  Each situation is discussed and considered on an individual basis. Pranayama coaching is best for these situations.

Gentle yogis: 

If you have trouble getting on and off the floor, have significant limitations in your movements, have significant and/or chronic pain, or have difficulty getting through a regular day due to any medical condition, you will benefit from individualized private sessions, but may not participate in group classes unless it is a class specifically geared toward gentle yogis.


Svaroopa® Yoga and yoga therapy are effective at managing and treating many medical conditions but is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.

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