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Introduction to Svaroopa Yoga


This 6 week group course is designed to help you slow down, connect to your body, and renew your energy with simple poses that decompress your whole body and melt away tension. Learn the basics of Svaroopa Yoga- support equals release.

We will explore yoga’s healing breathing practice, the primary spinal release poses of Svaroopa®Yoga, and the basic anatomy that makes each pose work in your body. As you release your spine, you start to let go of deeply held tensions and begin improving the health and vitality of every system in your body.

Classes are structured to start the release at the base of your spine, in your tailbone, and work upwards through your whole spine, starting and ending with a guided awareness (yoga nidra). Leave classes with more energy, less pain, and a renewed sense of self.

Svaroopa® Yoga is a therapeutic, non-athletic style of yoga that focuses on support and precise alignments to release core tension, in order to promote multidimensional healing and personal transformation at all levels of one’s being. It revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit.

Dates and Times:



16 Great Road, Sudbury,MA

Registration deadline:

April 13th 9 :30 am


April 15th - May 20th

9:30 am- 11:00 am



For this class you will need to bring:

    a few towels and a blanket.
    2 four inch yoga blocks if you have them.

Taught by:

Kris Curran, RN, C-IAYT

Kris is a Svaroopa® Yoga Therapist, teacher, breathwork coach and Vichara Therapist, with over 1,500 hours of professional yoga training through the Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram.

Ashley Amerson

Disclaimers and Cancelation Policy

Participants should have a reasonable ability to get on and off the floor, including being able to lie on your back, roll on your side, and get on your hands and knees.

*This class is not appropriate for: those with a history of organ transplant and on immunosuppressants, are pregnant at the time of the course, or those who experience significant pain or limited mobility that reduces ability to function in daily life. 


*Joy and Grace Yoga reserves the right to unenroll any registrant if they are not appropriate for the course in any way.

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