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Through core release and deep awareness, the practices of  Svaroopa® Yoga remove the blocks to your inherent health and joy, unlocking the deeper dimensions of your own being. You gain better health, personal transformation, and the bliss of your inherent Essence, all at the same time.

No matter where you are on your journey, Joy & Grace Yoga offers many choices, both in person and online, for those who are ready to step on to their own path of healing, health and inner self discovery.

Yoga for Courageous Change

Step into your own healing capacity through Svaroopa® Yoga:  physical, mental-emotional and spiritual healing.

Image by Massimo Rinaldi

My Offerings

Slow specific yoga poses utilize highly specialized adjustments and propping in a therapeutic way to address your body's unique needs.

Slow down your body and your mind, resting in your own inner healing capacity. 

Yoga for your mind! Gently explore the things in your mind that keep you stuck, small, and stressed and start to unravel the repetitive patterns that keep you there.

Individualized instruction tailored to your body. Learn which poses to do and when for your specific needs.

Tap into the power of your own breath. Settle your mind and body while experiencing your own inner peace.

Using props and specific pose sequences, focus on spinal decompression, starting at your tailbone, for more openness and ease in your whole body, mind, and heart.


"Every time I do this practice I feel so connected with my inner peace."

— Harriet, Acton, MA

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